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The Flip Side

Remember this post yesterday ?

It was all about how Marisa Meyer has decided that no one at Yahoo will be able to work from home / telecommute etc …. Life is changing at Yahoo.

Many pundits are writing pieces about it being the wrong / bad decision or the right / good decision.

I fall into the camp of huh ?

And I fall into it since every single company that I know of are downsizing their offices, reducing costs by having people work at home. In fact one of the core things that people talk about in ‘Future of Work’ scenarios is that people won’t go to an office anymore. (I also happen to think that is an extreme POV).

But what I do wonder is whether there is an under current at Yahoo along the lines of nobody really understanding what people are doing and this is a clumsy way to start to examine the solutions ?

Just like outsourcing – working from home works very very well when you are totally on top of what results are expected in return for a sum of money. The process is not time dependant – it is value dependant. I give you x – you give me value of y – and we both have our own equation for whether that is a good deal.

If I don’t have a good idea of value – I ask what your hourly rate is. Now I can assess my value. (Except you can’t since in an hour, you have no idea what someone can truly deliver – if you don’t understand what is going on).

But if you are at home – how do I know how long you are working ?

I know that nobody at Yahoo is saying they are returning to a punch in punch out mentality of workforce management – but it sure does fell like it. I think Yahoo is trying to work out what it is doing. Of course – at the other end of the scale you have Amazon – who seem to have taken telecommuting to a whole new level …..

Meet James Hamilton, a distinguished engineer who is responsible for keeping Amazons $4.5 billion tech infrastructure business running while inventing new ways to make its data centers more efficient.He’s responsible for keeping a giant portion of the Internet up and running. Sites like Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit and Airbnb all rely on Amazons web services.

and he does all of this on a boat !!

The full article is here:
Amazon Engineer lives on a boat and (sometimes) works from Hawaii

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