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Measurement Gone Mad ?

Quite exactly when something like this will kick in I do not know – BUT – I do know that aspects of it are here already.

Putting aside the idea of arm bands tracking Tesco warehouse staff – consider a remote worker, coding or writing a script, or developing an image for a marketing campaign ….. how do you know what they are doing.

I would personally take the value argument. I need a piece of work – it needs to be delivered by a certain date – and it needs to have a certain quality. Job Done.

But there’s more – there is already software in place tracking those remote workers, grabbing random screen shots, capturing the stages being worked through, logging the key strokes – strong argument indeed for the notion that Big Brother is watching – watching you to be specific – and just because you are freelance does not mean that you are free of these kinds of controls.

He’s on the cutting edge of the “quantified self” movement kickstarted by Wired’s Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly. But it’s not just his body and environment that Dancy tracks. He constantly takes screenshots of his work, and everything he does — every meeting, every document he creates, every Tweet he sends, every file he shares, every screenshot he takes — is logged in Google Calendar, providing him with a timeline and his entire work life. If you ask him what he did on a particular day, he can tell you with great precision.

And he thinks every white collar worker will need to adopt a similar regimen soon.

Of course – as I was talking about on one of my other blogs just the other day – the flip side of this is that you do get paid …

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