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All Change At Yahoo

well here is some news I really DIDN’T expect to see today.

This post at 37 Signals and this one from the news organisation KMUW are both essentially saying the same thing.

And that is that ‘working from home’ in Yahoo is no longer going to be acceptable. In a memo from the desk of Marisa Meyer, she said

Being a Yahoo isn’t just about your day-to-day job, it is about the interactions and experiences that are only possible in our offices.

I know what she means, but I dont think it is coming out right. I (we) think we are moving towards an age of the virtual worker, the occasional worker, the portfolio lifestyle – and when someone insists that I need to be on their premises in order to do my job suggests one or more of a number of things.

  • They do not understand what I do – so want to see me around.
  • They don’t believe I am delivering the work that I am being rewarded for.
  • They think they are paying me for my time worked – not my value delivered (which kind of ties back to that top point)

Now don’t get me wrong – I totally totally get the cultural aspects. I really do. They are important . But being in the office cant be the only way to do that can it ? I mean – pop into a coding hot bed one day take a look around.

  • Rooms darkened
  • Screen on
  • Headphones over ears to block out any sound at all
  • All you can hear is the tap tap tap of the keyboards

Tell me about that culture / water cooler thing again.

Of course the flip side of this is that if I can only deliver value to you when I am in your offices – then I guess the work I currently do at home on the weekends and at night time is no longer considered work you need – so I won’t be doing that.

What do you think ?

What do you think the reaction will be ? Will there be employee fall out ?

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